Best online casino for Spanish players in 2018

Have you ever wondered which of the many online casinos you should play? It is a simple decision because we have examined all the operators of good reputation and we have selected in our list only the best ones that deserve the title of “Best Online Casino (best casino in palm springs)”. With this list you can find safe and reliable operators where you can not go wrong in any way. If you want to know more, you will find detailed information about the best online casinos and why they are so suitable for Spanish players.

There are several reasons why these operators are among the best in the online gambling market. In the following sections you can find the main points that are interesting for any player, and of course, know the differences between good and bad casino operators.

What makes casinos better?

If you want to play online you should not choose any operator. Take advantage of the great variety and decide for a good casino in particular the place to settle for something mediocre. To do this you must pay special attention to the following two essential points:

In the game it is about …

First, the games offered must be of course interesting. The selection should include as many casino games as possible and many variants of each game. This includes live games where you play at real tables with human croupiers. But not only the wide range of games is decisive, but also the quality of the games should be of a high level. At the same time the widest possible part should be available in the casino app and an interesting offer of bonuses and promotions must be included. In bad casinos you will quickly notice how the whole game decreases significantly if all these points are not covered properly. The best casino in palm springs however are a guarantee for a very long time to have a lot of joy of gambling.

Is security is guaranteed?

However, we should not forget security with all this fun. Gaming licenses play a central role. Because only if a valid license is available can you be sure that the games are honest and that you as a customer are protected against fraud. This criterion is also met by all the casinos presented here. Technical security in the form of encrypted data transmissions must also be provided, especially in the case of payment transactions. The customer service is an important factor as well and should present competent Spanish assistants to help you with questions and problems.

How an operator receives the “Best Online Casino” award?

What is important in an online casino? How to distinguish wheat from straw? Well, that is not so difficult. In essence it is a couple of points: All the game offer: The particularly good casinos stand out for their range above average. The most notable operators are especially those that offer more games than in the international market can reach up to more than 500 titles. However, Spanish casinos currently offer between a total of 40 and 100 games. The games must be not only numerous but must have progressive jackpots of thousands and even millions of euros. A good summary can be found on the summary page of the pot games. The record of the biggest jackpot won online is the impressive prize of 17.9 million euros.

  • Mobile and live games : Casino games are closely connected to mobile applications since the selection of games on mobile phones and tablets is still more limited than the desktop version. Good casinos have many games in their apps. The current international standard is between 50 and 100 mobile titles, but in the Spanish market this number is quite limited and reaches up to 30-40 games. Even with live games there are some important differences. Among the best are undoubtedly the Evolution Gaming provider that even has tables with Spanish croupiers. You can find more information about these games and other providers on the Live Casino page.
  • Bonus bonus offers: But even with bond offers, some have much more to offer than others. This refers not only to the amount that can be comfortably claimed in small deliveries. Even in bonus conditions, small letters are easier or more difficult to enforce depending on the operator. The exact details of the offer are provided exhaustively. The good bonus conditions are characterized above all with a slight contribution from all the casino games.


Of course, we have not simply invented the list of the best casino in palm springs. Of course we have our favorites, but nevertheless we need an objective comparison of a casino test with clear criteria. We have determined the most important points that are decisive for a good operator and then all the operators are compared and evaluated. If you already have someone in your mind you can take a look at the review we offer and you will be informed about their offers, including all the advantages and disadvantages.